Health and Fitness Planner - Bright

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Health and Fitness Planner - Bright

★ Includes 11 pages, including a cover page to help you get organized- TWO SIZES included, letter size and half letter size (A5)
★ EDITABLE: The design elements and overall look of these pages are not editable, but the fields and checkboxes are all functional and you can type into them before you print, or just use them right on your computer to stay organized!
★ INSTANT DOWNLOAD- files will be delivered to your inbox as soon as your purchase is competed.
★ Unlimited printing- these files are yours to print forever, as many copies as needed.
★ Customize your own planner by printing just the pages you want or need

★★★More color/font styles for this set available here.

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★ Weight Loss Goals Worksheet - set your goals, define your "why", and keep track of your progress towards rewards for reaching goals!
★ Vitamins & Supplements Log - keep track of any vitamins or supplements you take.
★ Food Diary Sheet - log your food to look for patterns with health symptoms or weight loss progress.
★ Calorie Reference Sheet - an easy reference page for the most frequently eaten foods.
★ Weekly Workouts Log - track your exercise and workouts for each week.
★ Measurements Log - track your progress with your measurements to reflect on inches lost
★ Weight Tracker - track your progress on the scale.
★ Running + Walking Log - track miles walked/ran - also helpful for training for events!
★ Strength Workouts Tracker - keep track of progress with your strength training workouts.
★ This Month's Fitness Monthly Summary Page - reflect on the month and what worked, what didn't...
★ Health & Fitness Cover Page

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