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2022 Goal Setting Printables

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2022 Goal Setting Printables
2022 Goal Setting Printables
2022 Goal Setting Printables
2022 Goal Setting Printables
2022 Goal Setting Printables
2022 Goal Setting Printables
2022 Goal Setting Printables

★ Includes 10 pages in letter size (8.5 x 11 inches)

★ INSTANT DOWNLOAD- files will be delivered to your inbox as soon as your purchase is competed.
★ Unlimited printing- these files are yours to print forever, as many copies as needed.
★ Customize your own planner by printing just the pages you want or need

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★ The "Big Plans" sheet updated for 2020, here you can set your goal, define your why, write down a couple of ways reaching that goal will change your life, plus map out things you need to do as soon as possible, a short term action plan, a long term action plan, and more action steps to take.
★ The "My Goals" sheet where you can take different areas of your life- think friendships, marriage, parenting, work or business, health, etc... and write out a few things you'd like to accomplish in each area.
★ The Monthly Goal Breakdown sheet allows you to take your big goal and break it down month by month.
★ The Daily Tasks sheet allows you to think about the daily habits you need to implement to reach your goal, make a list, then check them off each day for a month.
★ The "Setting SMART Goals" sheet helps you to take your goal and make sure it is SMART- that is specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely.
★ The "Staying Motivated" sheet is a way to write out your goal, your why, and then all of the reasons why you want to accomplish this goal. 
★ The Quarterly Goal Sheet where you can write out your quarterly goal, any resources you need to reach it, a plan for how to get there, and any potential obstacles you might face.
★ Another Quarterly Goal sheet where you can take your big quarterly goal and break it down week by week for 12 weeks. You can write out smaller goals to reach, action steps, and more.
★ The weekly plan gets you focused for the week, you can write your goal for the week, your plan to get there, a plan for any obstacles you might face, and a reward idea if you stick to your plan and reach your goal.
★ The Weekly Habits sheet is a great way to write down up to 10 habits that you could do everyday to reach your goal, and then check them off as the week goes by.

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