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Cleaning Planner - Blue

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Cleaning Planner - Blue

★ Includes 14 pages, including a cover page to help you get organized- TWO SIZES included, letter size and half letter size (A5)
★ EDITABLE: The design elements and overall look of these pages are not editable, but the fields and checkboxes are all functional and you can type into them before you print, or just use them right on your computer to stay organized!
★ INSTANT DOWNLOAD- files will be delivered to your inbox as soon as your purchase is competed.
★ Unlimited printing- these files are yours to print forever, as many copies as needed.
★ Customize your own planner by printing just the pages you want or need

★★★More color/font styles for this set available here.

★★★Shop HOME

★ Weekly Cleaning Checklist - track daily AND weekly tasks on this sheet!
★ Annual Cleaning Checklist - for monthly or yearly tasks to complete in your home.
★ Cleaning Recipe Sheet- keep up with your favorite homemade cleaner recipes!
★ Home Repair Log - keep track of home repairs, who did the work, etc... perfect for your household planner!
★Month of Cleaning Printable- plan out small cleaning tasks for the entire month!
★ Month of Organizing Sheet - plan out small organization tasks for the entire month!
★ Important Contacts- keep up with important home related contacts and their information.
★ Organization Projects Sheets (2) - Plan out organizing you want to do in your home and keep up with ideas & your wish list.
★ Insurance Information Sheet - keep track of important information for all of your insurance policies.
★ Insurance Inventory Sheet - a place to keep track of important info about your belongings for home insurance purposes.
★ Vehicle Maintenance Sheet - keep track of repairs or maintenance performed on your vehicle
★ Clean & Organized Home Divider/Cover Page

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